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Dear Fellow Gardening Enthusiast,

If you’d like to have a gorgeous and interesting Container Garden while being the envy of the neighborhood, this will be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.

Container Gardening is placing plants in pots or any type of Container instead of in the ground. There several advantages to Container Gardens:

v    Plants can be moved to different areas in your yard

v    Plants can be brought in the house during cold snaps or through the winter

v    Plants are more easily maintained

v    Plants in containers can be grouped for visual beauty

v    Plants in containers can be planted with a mix of flowers and greenery

v    Plants in Containers are ideal for small areas and windows

v    Plants can be potted indoors in the Winter and moved to a sunny spot in your yard or patio when it warms up

Now you can get answers to practically any “garden in a container” question you have, in seconds.

  • What’s the best plant to place in a container?
  • Where is the best place for a Container Garden?
  • What is the best soil choice for each plant?
  • What are the sun and feeding requirements for my garden?

Introducing “The Secrets Of Container Gardening”

Container Gardening

Here for the first time is specific information on planting, feeding, placement, and advice on which plants are the best for Container Gardening. Plus, all the basic questions you have about day by day care of your Container Garden.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro on plants in a pot– with this single resource you’ll have answers right at your fingertips – anytime you need them.

Here’s How This Easy Reference Guide Works….

Let’s say you want to know how to plant and maintain a Fuchsia in a container

No problem.

All you have to do is type the “Control F (Find) buttons” on your computer and PRESTO

   Out comes every question about Fuchsia’s answered for you.


In addition you can point and click to a particular subject in the index and you will be immediately be taken to that subject.

Easy, right?

That’s the power of having “The Secrets Of Container Garden” on your computer. You see, instead of compiling everything into a thick book that’ll probably just gather dust on your shelf; we’ve put everything in an electronic reference work that allows you can quickly and easily search for exactly what you need.

Anytime you’ve got a Petunia question – this guide has the answer.

What’s more, you can download this resource instantly and it works on both MAC and PC computers. You’ll have answers to almost any container garden question in less than 3 minutes. This way there’s no waiting around for the postman to come and you won’t have to bother with driving to a store.

If you’d like to put this resource to use now, just click here to order. Or if you’d like to learn more just keep reading…

Now anyone can become an expert on Container Gardening – it’s easy!



I was sure that I only had two BLACK thumbs until I read this guide.  Now I have a beautiful patio container garden that we all love.  Thanks Mary I will be using this forever. 


Sylvia Sebring, Los Angeles





Never before have I seen a more comprehensive guide to Container Gardening anywhere.  This e-Book is my bible for keeping my garden bright and healthy.


Melinda Krauss, Tallahassee





It’s about time that someone put all this information in an easy to use e-Book.  Buy this e-Book it’s priceless for gardens in containers.


John Waller, New York



 Container Garden

Start off with answers to the most important parts of Container Gardening like Soil Mixtures and Planting, Containers Unlimited, Tuberous Begonias for Shade, The Splendid Fuchsias, Hanging Baskets and Roof Top Gardens. Then you will get specific answers to all your questions.

Here Are Just a Few of the Subjects You Can Have Answers To Instantly, Inside This Amazing Resource:

  • Trees, Shrubs and Vines for Accent and Screening

  • Petunias and Other Fine Annuals

  • Perennials, Herbs and Vegetables for Containers

  • Bulbs for Beautiful Pots

  • Geraniums Galore

  • The Charm of Window Boxes

  • Places for Pots and Planters

  • Why Garden In Containers

That’s just the tip of the iceberg

because you’ll also get answers to these important questions:

Q. Which Plants go together?

Q. What to do when winter rolls around?

Q. How much sun and water do they need?

Q. When do you Re-pot?

And all of this is still just a tiny fraction of the information inside “The Secrets Of Container Gardening”. At a glance you’ll know “every trick in the book” to:

  • Maintain your plants
  • How to plant containers with interesting plants in complementary heights
  • Artistic placement for maximum pleasure
  • And much, much more…

Gardening Gift

At Last, Here’s The Most Comprehensive Reference
Resource About Container Gardening

As you can see there’s so much useful knowledge in here -- you’ll be referencing this work over and over again, every year.

Just count up the value here. If you were going to try to find the same information elsewhere it would take several volumes of different books and you still probably wouldn’t have everything available in “The Secrets Of Container Gardening”. That would easily set you back hundreds of dollars and the books would just gather dust. Not to mention all of the beautiful pictures that have been included in the e-Book to spark your imagination.  This entire resource guide is conveniently available for you day and night and is only $9.97 (This price will go up after our introductory Internet offer is over.)

And the best part is it’s available to you right now as an instant download! As soon as you place your order through our totally secure server, you’ll have immediate access without delay. (But don’t worry; downloading “The Secrets Of Container Gardening” is very simple.)

And if this great resource isn’t enough, here's something else…

You Can't Lose With Our 100%, Ironclad,
"Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ll find this resource absolutely indispensable for all your Container Gardening questions and concerns – but I understand you still might be skeptical. That's why, I ask you to see for yourself and try the e-Book entirely at my risk.

What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out for a full 90 days. I promise this information is unlike anything you’ll find in those other Gardening books. However, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with this information you can get every dime of your money back for a full 90 days, under our no-loopholes guarantee. No questions asked no hard feelings and no hoops to jump through.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is that fair or what?

Go ahead and grab this valuable resource that the beginner and the expert in Container Gardening can turn to when they’re baffled. Your Container plants will thank you. Pretty soon your neighborhood will think you’re a "Gardening in Pots" genius and start asking your advice!

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Mary C. Hanna


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P.P.S You’re probably wondering “Where are the bonuses”? This e-Book does not need any bonuses, the work stands for itself.  It really is the best guide to Container Gardening you will ever see,  And it’s yours if you click here to purchase.

P.P.S.S. Remember! You have 90 days to try out “The Secrets of “Container Gardening”


Here is To Good Container Gardening!


Container Gardening

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